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Gravias 7 | 1st Foor

 Ch.Trikoupi 18  | 5th Floor | 10679 | Athens | Greece
 t: (0030) 211 2138 584

Located down town in the city of Athens

Margot works as a Social Cooperative Enterprise of Film Professionals,

providing services covering all stages of film production

 including; script consulting and development, casting, 

location scouting, equipment arrangements, in house wardrobe,

shooting permission's licensing,shooting in HD video, 

16mm film and super8 film, digital editing, color grading, 

image composition and digital film mastering. 
Margot Filmhouse aims to contribute to the local and international

urban culture, providing works and work ethics that speak in favor 

of gender , racial and social equality. 

Margot Filmhouse is named after the great Scotish filmmaker Margaret Tait.